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Friday, October 3, 2008

who's coming to the skypeover?

(first, in July)

@distinctivelyky i want to be involved ina skypeover before i leaveskypeover. 'nuf said

(then early September)

i want to be in this skypeover. i mean, the league of xtraordrinary utubers. @charlieskies @lcssings @shutupchago @birdrage @feelinecancerskypeover. =]@feelinecancer its gone from a skypeover to skypesurvivorfinally going to bed. Skypeover= success :D


SKYPEOVER!!! Just added @skishua and @nakorokanSKYPEOVER!!! :DSkypeover w/lolling on the SKYPEOVER 2008. @patrickblog's asian accent was epic

(and it continues...)

Skype Over anyone? Ten-ish o'clock tonite.

(all of this with audio conferencing)

(now imagine a skypeover with multiparty video)

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