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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TOM-Skype Breach: Does TOM-Skype bring users?

TOM-Skype: Two Years by you.

So, why Skype doesn't just walk away from a partnership?

Results matter.

86 thousand new people have signed up daily for two years.

You have to do what's right, but the temptation to stay and the cost of leaving is strong.

Source material...  

In the 2006 Annual Report:

At the end of January 2007, there were over 31.5 million registered TOM-Skype users, up from over 9.0 million at the end of February 2006, an increase of over 22.5 million new registered users.

In the 2007 Annual Report:

At the end of February 2008, TOM-Skype registered users were close to 63 million, up from about 31 million and 51 million at the end of December 2006 and July 2007, respectively.

In the news release titled "TOM Online Reports Second Quarter 2007 Results":

At the end of June 2007, we have over 42.0 mn TOM-Skype registered users up from over 35.5 mn at the end
of March 2007.

So, moving things one day for the convenience of starting on the first of a month:

Date TOM-Skype Accounts
3/1/2006 9.0   ANNUAL REPORT 2006
1/1/2007 31.0 71k ANNUAL REPORT 2007
2/1/2007 31.5 16k ANNUAL REPORT 2006
4/1/2007 35.5 67k TOM Online Q2-2007
7/1/2007 42.0 71k TOM Online Q2-2007
8/1/2007 51.0 290k ANNUAL REPORT 2007
3/1/2008 63.0 56k ANNUAL REPORT 2007

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