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Saturday, October 4, 2008

TOM-Skype Breach: Chinese TV News

Skype在中國的合資公司Tom-Skype,爆發擅自儲存數以百萬則用戶的簡訊, 並且將訊息儲存在缺乏足夠保密措施的電腦上,使外部人士可以很容易監控這些簡訊,對此 Skype公司向用戶道歉。

根據加拿大多倫多大學的電腦安全專家發表報告披露,Skype在中國的合資公司Tom-Skype長期監控用戶在網上聊天的記錄,並且把包含了敏感內容的訊息,儲存在可從公司外部進入的伺服器上,但是由於缺乏安全措施,使外部人士可以輕易的查看經過監控系統過濾的超過一百萬則簡訊,其中很多包括政治敏感詞彙,包括共產黨、法輪功、胡錦濤、台灣獨立、溫家寶等政治敏感關鍵字,地震、奶粉等字眼也在監控範圍之內,由於Tom-Skype並沒有將事先這項行為通報Skype或是獲得Skype批准,因此Skyp e向用戶提出道歉。

[Google machine translation:]

Skype's joint venture in China, Tom-Skype, the outbreak of the unauthorized storage of millions of messages the user and the message will be stored in a lack of adequate security measures on the computer, so that outsiders can easily monitor these messages, the Skype's users are An apology.

According to the University of Toronto, Canada, computer security experts issued a report on disclosure, Skype's joint venture in China, Tom-Skype users in the long-term monitoring on-line chat records, and to contain sensitive content of the message can be stored in an external company to enter the server , But due to the lack of safety measures, so that outsiders can easily see through the monitoring system to filter the more than 1,000,000 text messages, many of which include politically sensitive terms, including the Communist Party, Falun Gong, Hu Jintao, Taiwan independence, Wen Jiabao, and other politically sensitive keywords , Earthquakes, and words such as milk powder is also within the scope of monitoring, as the Tom-Skype has not informed in advance of this act or Skype was approved by Skype, so Skype apology to the users.

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