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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Skype President Addresses Chinese Privacy Breach

Read Josh Silverman's announcement.

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At October 2, 2008 at 6:00 PM , Anonymous jan geirnaert said...

Before you read my comment. Realize that Skype is owned by eBay and the CEO that runs Skype is the boss. The boss runs the company... The boss is always right, even when he is not but that does not matter, because the only reason why Skype is present on the China market via is to gain market share and little hickup won't stop them. They will continue to compete with QQ.Tencent on the Chinese 1.3 billion user market. Monitor or not. It's not a matter of ethics and conscience, it's matter of getting more users and more revenue for Skype. All the rest is nice chat and good PR.

You can read here that the Skype President Addresses Chinese Privacy Breach where they wash away the current concerns as if it’s nothing to worry about.

For Skype it is all about “TOM, just like any other communications company in China, has established procedures to meet local laws and regulations. These regulations include the requirement to monitor and block instant messages containing certain words deemed "offensive" by the Chinese authorities.”

This a very funny statement from a company that advocates free communications with a 256-AES uncrackable system. They are also proud not to put spyware and adware in their software, but with this spyware surfacing, maybe this is not the case anymore… At least they are investigating the topic “In April 2006, Skype publicly disclosed that TOM operated a text filter that blocked certain words in chat messages, and it also said that if the message is found unsuitable for displaying, it is simply discarded and not displayed or transmitted anywhere. It was our understanding that it was not TOM's protocol to upload and store chat messages with certain keywords, and we are now inquiring with TOM to find out why the protocol changed.”

This means “Josh Silverman said his company had no idea that the Tom-Skype software, distributed to Skype users in China, was logging chat messages and storing them on a publicly accessible server.” source : Skype says it was unaware of China message-logging. I don’t believe that Skype was not aware of this.. That chat logging software has been there for about 5 years… I reported on this skype.exe content-filter in my blog in and and Never use the Skype phone ? The point is that there is no point in denying anything of this. Skype should also know what is doing with their software. I think they knew this but they did not expect this spark to give such a big blow when it reached the gunpowder.

Finally I still have to grin when reading “Skype-to-Skype communications are, and always have been, completely secure and private.” A big HA HA HA comes to mind. Think about the dual login without notification, think about the fact that the control panel of Skype, the Skype client, the Skype forum uses the same login and user name. And don’t forget that anybody can be anybody over and over without proper authentication. Way to go…

Josh Silverman end his short statement with this “Our challenge is to bring this valuable service to people all over, including China, while being transparent to our users and staying within the boundaries of the local laws.”

Let me say this :

• Skype is not transparent, it’s closed source, it obfuscated.
• eBay owns Skype, Skype has to do what eBay shareholders dictate and want
• Skype is runned by eBay boys, anybody who thinks or acts differently has to go and so they did.

Let the transparency be documented and be clair. What happened now in the blogosphere and global news is clarifications. Maybe more will come. Good Public relations from Skype. I wonder if Josh Silverman would be willing to answer the hard and tough questions in the Skype Cheerleader blog  ?

The summary is that China is surveilling Skype, Skype admits breach, apologizes and they will move on as they always do. Meaning the Skype service in China recording, censoring messages without feeling guilty of it and without even having to justify themselves and this is all perfectly legal. We can just sit back, relax and enjoy the eBay show. Shopping comes first.

Skype apologizes for Chinese privacy breach [Breakdowns] , Skype Admits China Privacy Breach a blog and news storm on the topic can be witnessed. What is the next disaster news lurking around the corner and how will this affect Skype as a company…

Maybe it’s Time To Look For A Skype Alternative since Skype Cannot be Trusted, Period, after all they allowed this Snooping and Censoring Skype Messages to go on for about 5 years and now the shit hits the fan.

In the early days of this blog, you might have seen what I wrote about the Hidden Process Installed by Skype to Monitor Your Computer! … It’s been there a long long time..

At October 3, 2008 at 5:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, when will a version of the "TOM Skype" client be available without the keyword blocking and without the Spyware?

At October 3, 2008 at 8:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skype promises here:

"No adware – no intrusive adverts.

No spyware – nothing logs your online activity.

No malware – no programs that could adversely affect your computer."

They have lied to their Chinese customers.

When will they fix this?!


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