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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Skype 3.8 Hotifx Released Today

In addition to the launch of the Skype for Windows 4.0 Beta 2 program today, Skype also released a hotfix update for its current public release version 3.8. It includes support for High Quality Video on the Logitech Vision Pro camera in addition to the Logitech Carl Zeiss optics cameras previously supported, support for mjpg webcams (at the legacy 320 x 240 resolution) and updates to the Firefox and Internet Explorer toolbars, amongst other minor changes. Go to Help | Check for Updates on your current Skype 3.8 client menus or download here.

Question (and you Mac users will love this): the initial Logitech Vision Pro press release from Logitech three months ago mentioned that this camera provided support for Skype's High Quality Video. But I have been assured by Skype personnel that this camera also works on Windows (it has the same form factor as the Quick Cam Pro 9000) ... and I know people who have used the Quick Cam Pro 9000 on Macs successfully even though High Quality Video is not supported on the Mac (yet). Is this a hint of one new feature on the next release of Skype for Mac? From the Logitech press release:

Optimized Experience for the Mac

When you and your loved ones use the new Logitech webcam with iChat or Skype, you can enjoy VGA-quality video at up to 30 frames per second – four times as sharp and twice as smooth as any other video-calling solution – at no additional charge.

The joys of an intermingled Mac and Windows world! .....

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