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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sequoia Capital to Companies: Think Cash Flow

I won't add much more to Om Malik's truly scary report, Inside Details of Sequoia Capital’s Doomsday Meeting With its Companies.

  • Of the hundreds of companies in Skype's ecosystem (termination suppliers, API developers, embedded hardware, IP licensors, mobile, payment), which ones lack a year's cash in the bank and a positive cashflow?
  • Of those at risk, can Skype help them survive the tough times?
  • As markets get mean, will Skype be able to cheaply buy talent and technology from failing startups and competitors? Who could you look at?
  • How fast can Skype turn Prime, Find/Directory, and Skype for Business services into revenue generators that delight and scale?

Many great little communications companies are not safe. I fully expect the dead pool to be filling up by eComm09 in March as cash flows dry up and founders call it quits.

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