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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Skype Accounts Drive Calling Growth

New Accounts Drive Calling Growth


The blue line (top left) is quarterly account creation.

The red line (bottom left) shows what people do with accounts. 

Skype's language from today's 2008 Q3 eBay Investor Conference Call.

"Skype surpassed 13 million concurrent users at certain peak times."

13 million – congratulations Skype!, Skype Journal, 15 September 2008.

"Skype-to-Skype minutes reached nearly 16 billion, a 63% increase year over year."

A new record.

From the Form 8-K filed Oct 15, 2008

"Skype continued its robust growth trajectory,
reporting $143 million in revenue for the quarter,
representing 46% year over year growth."

$572 million per year run rate. With about 500 employees. 

"Skype added 32 million registered users in the quarter,
ending the period with more than 370 million registered users around the world."

Skype added 25-35 million new users every quarter for two years. This quarter is not exceptional.

Skype doesn't report account abandonment, so we have no direct measure of user churn. 

"In addition to growing its user base, Skype is focused on product strategies to enhance customer engagement."

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At October 15, 2008 at 6:54 PM , Anonymous jan geirnaert said...

But if you would come to the point, you would have to acknowledge two things (at least), the method of counting is not documented, the figure is used in a misleading way and it is probably a false figure also. The Skype's 370 million users are "UFU" : Unidentified Fake Users. Nobody has seen them or can bring about definite proof, but the "surely exist".Where did I hear that before...

the reported 370 million skype user base is wrong. it is the biggest corporate lie within the skype empire and beyond. if you don't have correct user-base data, you cannot calculate ARPU or anything which is based on that number of fake users... more here

At October 16, 2008 at 8:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

skype has introduced much more attractive pricing plans for higher volume uses. this explains why the newer subscribers use more minutes. where as prevoisly international calls were charged per minute it is now possible to subscribe to a plan that includes 10,000 international minutes to certain destinations; so people talk more.


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