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Friday, October 3, 2008

Making Skype Calls from Fring for iPhone

Earlier today Fring, known for aggregating various IM and VoIP services onto a mobile phone, announced Fring for iPhone had become available on the Apple App Store. So I gave it a tryout this evening, exchanging chat messages and then a couple of voice calls to Skype destinations.

My quick comment:

  • the other party's voice was both a bit fuzzy and somewhat weak in volume.
  • both other parties complained of some echo; I did not hear echo at my end.
  • The call appeared to be going out over the iPhone's WiFi connection.
  • Calls went out over the WiFi connection.
The benchmark in call quality would be my experiences earlier this week where twice , when my home office cable was disconnected due to "cable plant" improvements in my neighborhood, I used iSkoot on the Blackberry Bold to call into SquawkBox via the CalliFlower voice conferencing service over the Rogers 3G network.

Let 's just say in the iSkoot calls, the technology was transparent to the discussion and I could lay the phone on my desk while still actively participating. Whereas my Fring calls would not have been of sufficient quality to carry on natural dialogue participation in a conference call. While Fring has shown to be a leader in demonstrating the potential to make such a call, it has some work to do to achieve business grade call quality.

My other comment, now having used Skype IM chat on both devices. It's much easier to have a text conversation via the Blackberry with a QWERTY real keyboard. Thick thumbs on a "touch" keyboard many errors make; as I said in my brief Fring-enabled IM Skype chat session with Dan York - I was sending these IM messages "under duress" (and with about a 25% typing error rate).

Note that during registration I encountered a bug whereby Fring would not recognize my email address, which includes a "dot" between first and last name. This is a known bug which we hope they will fix quickly, especially due to the privacy issue raised in the linked Fring forum discussion.

More to follow once I will have had a few days' experience in its use.

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At October 13, 2008 at 4:07 PM , Anonymous ryan said...

I've tried to use fring, but THE ECHO is so bad for the other party that it is practically unusable. I HOPE ICALL IS BETTER WHEN RELEASED. I need a voip app because ATT is soooooooooo expensive (evil money grubby, spying on americans company)


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