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Friday, September 26, 2008

skyping friends while watching television

watching Three's Company.. and talking on skype by Jen

Clearly these two behaviors go together well. Watching television can be a social activity, something to talk about or to talk over. It's context or pretext for talking, grooming, bonding. Dancing.

hanna montana dance party by you. 

wheeze by you.

Appointment television or event programming,

grey's anatomy season premier by you.

Events like political debates.

9-26-2008 12-18-35 AM by you.

9-26-2008 12-19-29 AM by you.

Ah, there's a US presidential debate tonight.

So, how could you more tightly couple TV+Skype? Watch TV in Skype? Talk (IM/voice/video) in Skype over TV?

Is that the sweet spot for Skype integration into television viewing?

Is this a reason to build Skype into Joost? into TiVo? into Hulu or YouTube?

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