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Monday, September 29, 2008

Skype tries Skype Prime commissions at 8% for October

"For the whole of October we'll be reducing the commission we take from Skype Prime to just 8%. That means you get to keep more of the money from your calls – you deserve it."

Skype, in a letter to Prime service providers.

skype-prime-art-lite 30% is Skype's standard cut. Skype takes 120 days to pay and does not pay interest on your money. 

Skype Prime is Skype's first try at eBay-style markets. Where eBay brings people together to buy and sell atoms, Prime brings people together to buy and sell services, entertainment, education, and information. Skype Prime could be just as effective a distribution channel for people who sell their smarts, skills, and charm as eBay is for those who sell cars, collectibles, and tickets.

This one month promotion is an experiment in incentives. How do you bring back service providers? How do you freshen the Prime directory? Is the lower rate enough or do you also need to shorten time to pay to 30 days?

Don Albert, Skype's GM for North America, is getting Prime ready. The timing is right: when the economy sucks, entrepreneurs innovate, and Prime could be on their list of simple things-to-do to pick up new business.

Prime builds on a trend to include fractional labor in labor markets.

hoursperworkrelationship by you.

Society started with lifetime jobs, then multiple jobs, contract work, part time work, and now... fractional labor. What's started at sites like Rent-a-Coder and oDesk is spreading to other occupations and even sites like LinkedIn Answers.

If the last ten years were about the rise of eCommerce for goods, the next ten are the rise of the online and mobile intangibles economy. We will sell knowledge, entertainment, and services; our time and intellectual work product instead of atoms.

While the eBays of the world are huge now, wait until they apply their "commerce community" experience to organize p2p markets for intangibles. Now it's iPod accessories, soon it will be for forensic accountancy. They know how to bring buyers and sellers together, make a place feel safe, build reputations, and deliver the goods.

When the Keens first tried to launch in the last decade, nobody had broadband, wi-fi was a novelty, mobile phones didn't have data plans, trusted payment mechanisms like PayPal were novelties, and communication tools like Skype were trying to work on dial-up.

Now, the technical and social prerequisites are here. Labor markets aren't just flatter, they are divvying work into smaller, task-sized parcels.

So you can ask the talent pool "what's the best mix for Prime?" and we can bid for your attention and wallet.

From My Skype Prime Wishlist:

  • Prime in non-desktop clients. I want to pick up my mobile, my deskphone, my Skype for Asterisk client and make/take Prime calls.
  • Prime for Talent Pools. Think distributed call centers, schools, consulting firms.
    • Talent discovery (tell me how our team can help you so I can find the right mix of people),
    • Service delivery (one or more people helping you at the same time or in a workflow), and
    • Payment (billing, reporting) are administered by different people/roles.
  • Prime social. Turn on social features so members of the Prime community can organize themselves, talk with each other, friend each other and develop ties that enrich the marketplace.
  • Prime text chat.  Let me deliver service without voice or video, if that's what my customer wants.
  • Prime alerts. Text me, call my mobile, send an email to my blackberry, shout, anything to let me know a paying customer is calling.
  • Prime web service APIs. Let programmers can add/update services from a web site, check your activity logs and payment queues, and launch Prime sessions from a web page. At Skype's faster post-founder innovation pace, they may be ready to pilot this in Q2-2009.

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At September 29, 2008 at 6:34 PM , Anonymous jan geirnaert said...

hogwash really. ask skype how much usd revenue was created via skype prime. also ask x,y,z what they think about the money.payment being locked up in the payment system. i find that hole skype prime system a joke. if somebody want to pay for services, they will surely NOT choose skype prime.


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