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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Skype for Asterisk gateway software announced

Tom Keating reports from Astricon on Stefan Öberg's announcement of Skype For Asterisk, a channel driver that connects the Asterisk call manager software to the Skype cloud. Register for the driver through a Skype for Asterisk beta program form.

Dan York explains the new value add is "two-way connectivity in and out of the Skype cloud." 

Skype is positioning s4a for business, Asterisk VARs as resellers. This is less about a licensing revenue stream than opening Skype up to the millions of calls managed through Asterisk solutions. 

This will kill off competing Skype channel drivers like Chanskype and create competition to Vosky and other Skype-to-PBX system integrators.

More to come...

Stefan Öberg's blog post and the news release:

Digium and Skype Collaborate to Bring Skype to Business Phone Systems

Skype For Asterisk beta program starts today, adding Skype features to Asterisk-based solutions

GLENDALE, Ariz. (AstriCon 2008)—September 25, 2008—Digium®, creator and primary developer of Asterisk®, the leading open source telephony platform, and Skype™, the leading global Internet communications company, today announced the beta version of Skype For Asterisk, which will allow the integration of Skype functionality into Digium’s Asterisk software and enable customers to make, receive and transfer Skype calls from within their Asterisk phone systems.

“Throughout our individual histories, Skype and Asterisk have each disrupted conventional communication methods through innovative, cost-effective solutions,” said Stefan Öberg, vice president and general manager for Skype Telecom and Skype for Business. “We are excited to be working together with Digium to offer small and mid-sized businesses an even more powerful communications solution to conduct business worldwide.”

Specifically, the beta version of Skype For Asterisk is an add-on channel driver module that integrates Skype Internet calling with Asterisk-based telephony products. Skype For Asterisk also complements small and mid-sized business users’ existing services by providing low rates for calling landline and mobile phones around the world.

“Working together with Skype, our goal is to help businesses boost productivity and reap the rewards of feature-rich telephony software, all while saving a substantial amount of money,” said Danny Windham, CEO of Digium, the creator and sponsor of Asterisk. “The Skype For Asterisk beta program is a first step towards adding Skype capabilities to Asterisk-based phone systems and enabling them to reach more than 338 million Skype users.”

The beta version of Skype For Asterisk will enable business users to:

  • Make, receive and transfer Skype calls from within Asterisk phone systems, using existing hardware.
  • Complement existing services with low Skype global rates (as low as 2.1US¢ per minute to more than 35 countries worldwide).
  • Save money on inbound calling solutions such as free click-to-call from a website, as well as receive inbound calling from the PSTN through Skype’s online numbers.
  • Manage Skype calls using Asterisk applications such as call routing, conferencing, phone menus and voicemail.

Following the beta period when the product is released, Skype For Asterisk will be sold and distributed by Digium and its worldwide network of resellers.

Live at AstriCon

Stefan Öberg will provide the first public demonstration of Skype For Asterisk during his keynote address today at AstriCon, the annual Asterisk user and developer conference. AstriCon attendees are also invited to stop in and see a demonstration of Skype For Asterisk at the Skype booth on the expo floor.

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