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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Skype's Chris Libertelli to Discuss Open Networks on SquawkBox

Christopher Libertelli, Skype's Senior Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs – North America will be the featured guest on SquawkBox tomorrow (Thursday, Sept. 18 at 11:00 a.m. EDT - 'GMT-5') to discuss his recent letter to FCC Chair Kevin Martin about U.S. wireless carriers misperception of what "open networks" and "unfettered access" really means.

For the past two days at IT Expo I have been listening to speakers talk about the need to make wireless services "open" such that both application innovation can occur and consumers have unfettered freedom of choice with respect to the wireless services, portals and applications they individually prefer to use. The Apple App store is the first to break the carriers' foothold but expect others such as RIM and Nokia to follow suit in the next few months in driving towards user freedom. (In fact there are over 4400 applications for various Blackberry models at In a post earlier today Phil has also commented on the Chris' letter.

"AlwaysOn" Carl Ford is guest host of tomorrow's SquawkBox which you can join here.

See also Russ McGuire's post on GigaOm: "Mobility -- What's Different?"


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