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Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain and Obama proxies debate technology policy Monday

OneWebDay logoMonday is One Web Day, the web's "earth day." Skype is sponsoring a debate between technology spokespeople for the two U.S. presidential campaigns. The debate in Cincinnati, Ohio, will be virtual, with speakers calling in to the public access channel studio via Skype video.

Three political issues directly affect Skype users.

Network neutrality requires your ISP not treat your Skype bits differently from other bits they carry. ISPs in some countries blocked Skype for political and competitive reasons. ISPs in the United States slowed or blocked Skype to favor their own VoIP solutions.

  • McCain voted against net neutrality
  • Obama voted for net neutrality.

Rural access to the Internet is limited compared to American urban access. It costs more to run cables and antennae those last miles and miles and miles. More than one third of the US population lives outside major cities and suburbs.

  • Obama favors using the Universal Service Fund, moneys already collected for rural phone access, to improve rural Internet access.
  • McCain favors tax incentives for those who expand rural Internet access.

Wireless Carterfone allows you to connect unlocked phones to the mobile phone network the same way you can plug any phone of your choice into a landline phone socket, the original Carterfone ruling. It's a consumer freedom (to move your sim chip into the Skype, Google or Apple phone of your choice) and an opportunity for mobile device makers to innovate.

  • Obama voted for this.
  • McCain voted against.

We'll update this post when after the debate goes online.

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