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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

911-ICE brings web2.0 to mobile emergency dialing

Skype doesn't offer emergency dialing. Among other things, Skype doesn't really know where you're calling from (since you could be logged in from any computer on earth). logo by you.But after you call 911 (sorry for the Americanism), what is your second step? thinks you call your emergency contacts. Your family. Your neighbors. Your doctor. Your child's school.
Many mobile phones now include a special contact called ICE, short for "In Case of Emergency." 911ICE builds on this service.
Here's the model:
  1. Tragedy strikes and 911 responders activate the "In Case of Emergency" (ICE) feature in your mobile phone.
  2. alerts a list of people from your mobile's address book.
  3. It connects your emergency network and drives them to a web page created for the emergency event. They can chat, email, and text updates to each other live.
  4. Along the way, shares links to your Google Health or Microsoft HealthVault medical profiles with the emergency room and first responders.
As you recover, your ICE community supports and updates itself, bringing their collective attention to your care.
  • Micro-community triggered by a common event
  • Different stakeholders (friends vs. doctors) see different information
  • Multiple communication modes reach different people
  • The triggering event is a kind of highly contextualized presence ("I've been hurt")
I so want a Skype plug-in.

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