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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Recent Skype Executive Interviews

A couple of recent interviews on other weblogs - one in English, one in French

Jonathan Christensen, GM for Video and Audio, is slated to be a keynote speaker at IT Expo in two weeks. As a leadup Rich Tehrani, President and Editor-in-Chief at ITExpo organizer, TMCnet, interviewed Jonathan. Nothing earthshaking but includes some views on the overall communications market evolution, especially the role of mobile phones:

RT: How do you see the communications market evolving?
JC: Communications is rapidly shifting from “hard-wired / hardware” to software-centric experiences. Communications is moving from dedicated devices on circuit switched networks (i.e., landline, GSM, Fax, etc.) to IP-connected multi-purpose computing platforms (i.e., PCs, iPhones, etc.).
Juline Decot, who came to Skype as Director of Strategy from eBay back in March, originally comes from France and has given an interview, in French, to Jeremie Berrebi, an Israeli entrepreneur and French language blogger whose current startup, Zlio, is financed in part by Skype's pioneering financier, Mangrove Partners. The Google translation here provides the flavor of the interview; but "chat" should remain the same (it's been mistranslated as the French word for "cat") and "voix" should translate to "voice", not "vote". As I said the Google translation gives the "flavor"; there are a few other questionable but amusing translations.


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