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Friday, August 22, 2008

OneWebDay: Giving back to the web

OneWebDay The web has its own holiday: OneWebDay, Monday Sep 22 2008, 30 days from today. Like Earth Day, OneWebDay's theme is we all live here and should take care of the web. We celebrate OWD through projects that help the web.

OWD's founder, Susan Crawford, posted Ten Ways To Help The Web. In short:

  1. Use a standards-compliant Web browser and validate your sites.
  2. Edit a Wikipedia article.
  3. Learn about an Internet policy issue and teach five other people about it.
  4. Take steps to ensure that your computer can’t be treated like a zombie.
  5. Join an Internet rights advocacy group.
  6. Help promote public Internet access.
  7. Donate to the Wikimedia Foundation.
  8. Donate a computer.
  9. Write your OneWebDay story.
  10. Show up on September 22 and participate.

Invent your own way to leave the Internet better than you found it. Sign up for the low volume announcement mailing list and twitter channel.

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