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Friday, August 22, 2008

Occasional Blogging at GigaOm

Last winter, after Om Malik suffered at heart attack at New Year's, I authored a couple of guest posts for GigaOm discussing the challenges and reality of Skype on mobile devices (here and here). Recently I was asked to provide occasional (probably bi-weekly) posts for GigaOm on a regular basis.

The first post, Rogers Launches Blackberry Bold: More Anticipated Than the iPhone, Eh?, results from my attendance yesterday at the North American launch for the new Blackberry Bold. I'll have more to say about my personal iPhone experience as well as Blackberry experiences in future Skype Journal posts.

To his credit, Om has stopped smoking, implemented a fitness routine and changed his diet. But has he really, as claimed, been able to reduce his work hours? It is a credit to his team is that they can publish so profusely while keeping Om on a healthy regimen.


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