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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MeBeam: 16 person video chat, no download

Phweet demonstrates the power of talk without downloads. Phweet triggers voice conference calls through twitter.

Now see MeBeam, multiparty video conferencing, all in-browser, triggered from Skype.

  1. Add mebeam to your Skype contacts list. skype:mebeam?add
    (you may have to do this manually in Skype 4b)
  2. "Send contacts" to mebeam. This invites them to the call.
  3. MeBeam Skypes you the link to a web page where you can all talk and see each other.

A visual step-by-step here.

Free. Pretty easy. Download-free. Live since May 2008. Up to 16 people at once. Son of the WigiWigi project. screenshot by you.

Wish Skype could do this.

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