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Friday, August 29, 2008

Letter to the Editor - Reconsider Skypecasts

August 27, 2008.

To whom it may concern.

It appears Skype has decided to end all SkypeCast as of September 1, 2008.

Skype we believe is an International Company owned by EBay.

We your clients, and supporters of your company, are devastated by your decision to stop SkypeCasts.

This action, has been a decision that will affect your standing in the industry; simply put it is a terrible decision that affects millions.

Letters are already being sent to the International Press and Television stations and Radio stations.

We your supporters and clients feel very strongly about this terrible decision.

In USA we the people are contacting our Congressman and our Senators, this decision by your company has affected millions of people in this country, and many other countries.

Your supporters feel this action, is one which should be reconsidered by your board of directors and your President and CEO. 

Your Skype published statement, makes a comment, that you are sorry for this inconvenience, that this may cause your clients using SkypeCast.

Surely there must have been an error in judgment in contemplating this action.

Inconvenience is not the description that should have been used; this is a disaster of international importance.

Many students as of this moment are using SkypeCast to teach the skill of English reading and speaking.

We have listed some of the countries from which our students have come to participate in this project.

More than 50 different countries supply students for this particular project.

Algeria, France, Germany, Spain, Columbia, Mexico, Albania, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, Africa, Finland, Denmark, Morocco, Holland, Australia, Austria, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Albania, Turkey,  Philippines, China, Moldavia, Egypt, Poland, South Korea, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Thailand, Canada, Indonesia, Belgium, Peru, Libya, Vietnam, Hungary, Taiwan, Switzerland, Venezuela, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Qatar, United Kingdom.

Personally as an English Teacher I and other co-teachers have instructed 651 students in a SkypeCast called English Lessons.

Involved in this English Lessons project which started in January 2008 and involved five hours of instruction every day.

Thanks to the dedication of many people, which included a host from Indonesia , teachers from Brazil , Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, China, United Kingdom, Poland, U.S.A., Bavaria, Germany, Greece, Australia.

Our project and the people involved are devastated.


English Lessons

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At September 20, 2008 at 1:58 PM , Anonymous Gary Baumgarten said...

Anyone who has been shutdown by Skype should feel comfortable coming over to Paltalk.

Paltalk has 4 million unique users and scores of categories from which to choose to broadcast one's content.

Best of all, it's a free download, though there is a minimal annual fee to be able to see streaming video.

As way of disclosure, I am Paltalk's director of news and programming and I host a daily program on Paltalk called News Talk Online, at 5 PM New York time, in Paltalk Studio A in the Radio/TV Section. I'm hoping to see you on line and I and our entire online team stand ready to help you acclimate yourself to Paltalk's great features.


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