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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ellen Sander: What Skype means to me

On the occasion of Skype's fifth birthday, Skype Journal will publish a series on "What Skype Means To Me." You are invited to email your essay or short thoughts to

Ellen Sander is a screenwriter and music journalist.

Skype has for years been an important connection in my life.

When I lived in China, it was my line to the outside world. Today in business, my colleagues across the U.S. and I can have conference calls with attendees in excess of what our respective telephone services allow.

But most importantly, I can video chat with my two year old grandson, who lives 500 miles away. I heard him say "Gamma" for the first time on Skype. This helps keep our family in touch and together.

I can have total freedom of communication...for free. How wonderful is that? Around the world, or around the corner, Skype keeps me connected. Thank you, Skype.

Happy Birthday!

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