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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daksh Sharma: What Skype means to me

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Daksh Sharma is an executive for online strategies at an IT consulting firm in New Delhi, India. Daksh follows social-media and web2.0 trends on The Marketing Blog.

"Common you don't know about Skype ? Are you kidding me mate?" That is my common reaction if I come across people who have not heard about Skype. Talk about ‘Voice’ and Skype is the first thing that comes to your mind.

The thing that I really like about is not that its free but the fact that its voice-quality is unbeatable. I am aware of multiple VOIP clients which have come and gone, however none has matched Skype.

As time has evolved, Skype’s feature set has quadrupled. We’re now witnessing different upgrades in Skype for e.g. group conference, video preview etc. Several third party applications are also extending Skype’s functionality. I can now access Skype on the go, thanks to fring mobile application. I can even access Skype through web-applications like which is really cool.

"Think Voice – Think Skype" that's the mantra of life for all of net-users out there.

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