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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bear With Us - It's Moving Time

For the next few days you will only see new posts for Skype Journal. Let's just say that we found it necessary to move off of Yahoo's hosting service and are setting up (with an update to Movable Type 4.2) at a new hosting service recommended to us by some who already use this service.

Fortunately we do have access to all our content, including comments, and are having that reformatted and reorganized for incorporating into the new location. (Our goal is such that the only content not being moved comprises over 300,000 spam comments; fortunately MT 4.2 has improved comment spam filtering and management.)

In the meantime we have set up this interim blog location to allow us to continue to post in what has turned out to be a very active summer in both the IP-based communications and mobile smartphone spaces. The graphics may not be pretty; the comment river is not here but we'll worry about being pretty once we have the content under full control and available again.

You will also notice that we have been able to maintain access to our archives by month; however, currently it is not searchable (and we cannot make any edits to the posts but then, other than to correct typos or change factually incorrect information, we don't edit them anyway.)

Note: if you access Skype Journal via an RSS feed reader, you do not need to make any changes as our RSS feed comes via FeedBurner.


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